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Why You Need A Promotional Video 

Placing video on your website is a much more powerful presentation to learn about your company as opposed to just reading text, and looking at still pictures. When potential customers view these videos they understand, and retain the information about your company easier and faster. One out of every two people who view your video on line, take action.

Top 10 Reasons & Uses For Promotional Videos

Local businesses are quickly adopting online video advertising to market their locations and services on their Web Sites, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Linkedin All the Social Media Networking Outlets, Online Directories, and search engines.


Online Video Advertising Spending

This group is expected to reach over $5B in the next five years Online Video Effectiveness & ROI (Return On Investment) If you want your advertising campaign to generate results, then you should definitely consider adding online video advertising to your mix. 1 out of every 2 viewers takes action after watching an online video ad. Your investment is safe with online video.


Online Video Audience & Behavior

A web site without video is considered outdated. Web surfers watch and respond to video better than they do to reading text and looking at still pictures. The number of online video viewers continue to increase, and advertisers are taking note of this.


1.  Add a video presentation for streaming directly to your web site. This allows potential clients visiting your site to view a customized, quick summary of your company's products and services. It will become the most popular link on your web site!


2.  Play your video at trade shows. Many of our clients add a computer screen or plasma display during trade events and have the video loop for continuous play to catch people's attention and draw them in.


3.  Send the link to your video via email. This will allow you to share the video link with potential clients, investors and media around the world. It can be sent via a link in an email to anyone desiring company or product information.


4.  Distribute your video in DVD's or CD's. Hand them out during conferences, expos, shows, client meetings or events. Mail them out to potential clients to act as a live video brochure of your product.


5.  Use it for product demonstrations.You can have it looping in the background and hand out to participants.


6.  Feature the video in your corporate newsletter. You can drop the video down into your company newsletter or an internal announcement and send it via email. The viewer will be able to read the text of your message and launch your video right from the email.


7.  Put on kiosk display. More and more retail environments are placing kiosk units near where products are sold. This allows the customer to view the video and then the product "sells" itself!


8.  Use it as a sales tool. Many of our clients start their sales appointments with the videos we create for them. Simply launch the video from your laptop and let it be the ice breaker. It has been said that a short video can replace 1,000 Power Point slides.


9.  Display it at company meetings. Start your next quarterly or company meeting showing off your great new video. It instills pride within the employees as they will be able to show their friends and family how professional and modern their company really is.


10. Use it as a hiring tool. This is a great way to provide new hires or potential candidates and insight on what your company is like to work for and the pride taken within the organization.

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