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Let Glamour Shoots gorgeous art work turn you into a star.


Mitch Saul is obviously a renaissance man, a man of many hats. He’s a creative whiz who’s carved out quite a reputation from TV commercials to entrepreneurial inventions. But his latest creation may be his hottest yet. His company Glamour Shoot, will create marvelous poster size montages of you, your kids or your spouse.


Everyone who sees them are stopped in their tracks. These glamorous images turn us all into stars. And there’s a little touch of Andy Warhol in them too. Mitch told us Glamour Shoot is a photo shoot consisting of about sixty pictures, for a 41 inch by 27 inch poster that has thirteen 8 by 10's in it. It’s really nice and big. “These are digitally-enhanced photos with special effects to create a very glamorous appeal for adults.


For the kids,there’s Cute Shoot, it’s an adorable and very cute poster that parents and grand parents love.  ”The moment Deena Linzenberg saw one of Mitch’s Glamour Shoots, she said “I want one too”.  She loves the end result that’s displayed in her living room. “Everyone one who see’s it loves it” she says. Michele Gall liked hers so much she had her children photographed too.


Another very happy client, Victoria Chalas, said: “Friends all ask where I got it done. It’s fantastic.” “The photo shoot takes about two hours.” Mitch adds: “I turn them around pretty quickly. I get really excited with every project. No two are alike. I love to see the reaction when my clients see their images for the first time. As the poster is made up of individual 8x10's you can replace a shot later if you want to change the look.” Most of Glamour Shoot’s clients have been women and children. “So far no guys have been brave enough to try it.” says Mitch. “But I think it’s really more for girls of all ages. It makes them feel like a star. You get your own Marilyn Monroe-Andy Warhol feel. Everyone who’s had a photo shoot loves them.”


Please call 845-429-1116 or (cell) 914-263-4656 to make an appointment.

Glamour Shoots

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23 S. Rt. 9W

Haverstraw, NY 10927

Phone: 845-429-1116

Fax: 845-429-1117



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